Chambray is back baby!

By Heather Luck. It is the iconic cambric. It is the tactile textile. Not passe, you say? The mainstay for a coooool hombre? Hooray! I daresay it is chambray. As the men’s fashion idiom was dominated by stripes in the nineties, spots in the noughties and flowers in the teenies, plain colours are expected toContinue reading “Chambray is back baby!”

October 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Dear Mexican chef in the purple dress and with the arresting isthmus. I want to taste your Chiapas and nuzzle your Monterrey and your Durango. I will range below you like Guatemala as support as we seek la culminación together. Save me some leftover pib. @isthmus_fever_damo Wanted Wanted: Chalice, the more ornateContinue reading “October 2018 Classifieds”