Rondo to serve up Beer

By Shirley Higgins Croft. The Rondo Theater has announced its spring program, which is headlined by B is for Beer, a jaunty farce taking the audience on a musical pub-crawl, starting from be-bop innocence, via doo-wop inebriation to brit-pop jubilation. Rodney K Wright is producing the show, and again the great Alexei Finlayson will takeContinue reading “Rondo to serve up Beer”

Burke: the Musical opens at the Rondo

By Allan Povah The highly anticipated production of Burke: The Musical has opened at the Rondo theatre in Edge Hill. The tribute to the popular backyard landscape gardener has been written and choreographed by Alexi Finlayson from a libretto by Lincoln Humphries. The show stars Joey Perrone as Burke and Alex Papps as the crocodile,Continue reading “Burke: the Musical opens at the Rondo”

November 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Any Asian woman in Cooktown or Cow Bay areas. Wanna talk about conceptual art and shrieking? I’ll be playing gigs up there this weekend and would be keen to meet up. Or you can hang around and annoy the boys and we can go for cake. Contact me @winston Wanted Experienced hardwareContinue reading “November 2018 Classifieds”

Solomon cracks one through the covers at the Rondo

By Heather Luck The Cairns Dance Ensemble has announced their 2018 Rondo theatre program, which features a range of productions that will excite and captivate aficionados of the dance arts. The first offering is an adaption of Solomon, (above) an modern dance interpretation of the acclaimed ballet about the life of cricketer Joe Solomon. ChoreographedContinue reading “Solomon cracks one through the covers at the Rondo”

Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour

By Kimberley Schloss The one-man musical, Tribulation, has closed after a single part-performance at the Rondo Theatre last night. The much anticipated production which was written, directed and performed by healthcare-worker and fashion blogger Jamie Tingley of Brinsmead, aimed to tell the true story of closet homosexual, tap-dancer and purveyor of cos-play, Captain James Cook. After aContinue reading “Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour”

James Cook returns to FNQ, and this time he’s fabulous

By Heather Luck You might not believe your eyes, but don’t be surprised if you happen to see Captain James Cook flouncing around the streets of Cairns over the next few months. And he’s not Nazi-saluting the Tradies Bar! Healthcare worker and fashion blogger, Jamie Tingley, 28, of Brinsmead (above), has announced that he intendsContinue reading “James Cook returns to FNQ, and this time he’s fabulous”

Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Cairns Dance Ensemble’s production of Swan Lake opened at the Rondo Theatre last night to mixed reviews. The ambitious offering continued along the company’s recent artistic direction of ‘putting the oomph back into the classics’, and the result was not to everyone’s taste. Maud Jefferson, 72, of Edge Hill, was aghastContinue reading “Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake”

Chippie has close encounter with cassowary

By Destiny Givens Woree carpenter, Wes Matterson, 23, has had an uncomfortable experience whilst walking on the blue arrow track at Aeroglen. Matterson was with his girlfriend, Elise Duggan when they encountered an adult cassowary. The bird was reportedly to be over six feet tall and extremely aggressive. “Elise just legged it, she was outContinue reading “Chippie has close encounter with cassowary”

Costume thieves take flight

By Paulo Zupp The Rondo Theatre, home to the North Queensland Players and the Cairns Dance Ensemble, was broken into in the early hours of this morning. Head choreographer of the Dance Ensemble, Rodney K Wright (pictured above) has attributed the crime to youths, who have been frequenting the area lately. “Well, the Rondo isContinue reading “Costume thieves take flight”