Bald men strike back

By Allan Povah Andrew Fitzgibbon (above), the president of the Far North Queensland Baldness Action League (FNQBAL), has called on lawmakers and community leaders to raise awareness about discrimination against bald persons and persons that identify as bald. In an address to the Manunda Chamber of Commerce last night, Mr Fitzgibbon claimed that addressing baldContinue reading “Bald men strike back”

Solomon cracks one through the covers at the Rondo

By Heather Luck The Cairns Dance Ensemble has announced their 2018 Rondo theatre program, which features a range of productions that will excite and captivate aficionados of the dance arts. The first offering is an adaption of Solomon, (above) an modern dance interpretation of the acclaimed ballet about the life of cricketer Joe Solomon. ChoreographedContinue reading “Solomon cracks one through the covers at the Rondo”

Bunnings wins at the FWC, kranskis are ‘just’ the beginning

By Paolo Zupp The North Queensland Fair Work Commission have handed down their decision on the matter of Bunnings Warehouse Pty Ltd vs Far North Queensland Hardware Workers Union. The two parties had previously agreed on a 5% pay rise and limiting sausage sizzles to weekends and school holidays. This latest dispute has concerned the inclusionContinue reading “Bunnings wins at the FWC, kranskis are ‘just’ the beginning”

Dunk weighs in on twitter Waugh

By Allan Povah The ‘Innisfail-Show’, Ben Dunk has finally weighed in on the three-way Twitter battle between twins Steve and Mark Waugh and the ‘Sheik of Tweak’ Shane Warne. The controversy began when Warne labelled Steve as “the most selfish person I know” during his stint on ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here”Continue reading “Dunk weighs in on twitter Waugh”