Woree man creates air-disaster museum in his backyard

By Allan Povah Woree hairdresser, Kenneth Wong (above), has opened his private aviation crash museum to the general public and has been overwhelmed with the positive reaction. Mr Wong, 43, has lovingly created true-to-scale reconstructions of real-life non-fatal airline disasters, all in his own backyard. “Everyone is fascinated by air disasters,” said Mr Wong. “EachContinue reading “Woree man creates air-disaster museum in his backyard”

Gordonvale Gurus are Kabaddi Champions again

By Destiny Givens The Gordonvale Gurus Kabaddi and Chapati Club have been crowned North Queensland senior men’s kabaddi champions for the seventeenth year running. The yellow-and-reds (above) were too strong for their bitter rivals, the Bentley Park Beards, eventually running our 187-2 winners in front of over fifty thousand fans. Captain of the Beards, JawalContinue reading “Gordonvale Gurus are Kabaddi Champions again”

August 2017 Classifieds

Looking For Love Passionate gay lefty woman looking for huffy, easily-offended like-minded woman for cause identification, handle-flying, do-gooding, placard painting and rally attending. No DiFranco fans. @shayblue. Wanted Wanted: Blackboard Artist for northern beaches eatery. No innuendo. $30 a pop and a slice of Portofino. @lunicos Published Yungaburra impersonator/writer/proctologist looking for middle-aged men to talkContinue reading “August 2017 Classifieds”

Palm Cove babes to return hotter than ever

By Kimberley Schloss Popular Viceland television series, Real Estate Agents of Palm Cove is returning to our screens for a third season. Fan favourites, Abbergail, Addison and Brilee (above) will once again give viewers a salacious insight into their antics as they try to upstage, undermine and humiliate one another in the madcap high-pressure worldContinue reading “Palm Cove babes to return hotter than ever”

Muxes of Mareeba announce dating workshops

By Heather Luck Tablelands Community group, the Muxes of Mareeba (MoM), have announced a series of dating workshops for men, aimed to help lonely and isolated men attain the skills that will enable them snare their perfect love match. The Muxes, who are a popular part of the vibrant Mexican community on the Tablelands, areContinue reading “Muxes of Mareeba announce dating workshops”

Sikhs are the most popular Tinder partners, Jihadists in with a chance

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Academics at the William Bligh University Faculty of Comportment have released the results of a survey of young women aimed at determining community attitudes in dating standards. In the survey, eighty-one thousand young women, aged between eighteen and nineteen-and-a-half, were presented with a Tinder image of a slightly-swarthy but objectively good looking youngContinue reading “Sikhs are the most popular Tinder partners, Jihadists in with a chance”