Murchison fails in sphere attempt, possible sombrero toggle outcome

By Paolo Zupp Melissa Murchison, 9, of Parramatta Park, has failed in her attempt to sculpt a perfect alfoil ball. Since her brother, Mitchell, achieved the feat in 2017, Melissa, along with thousands of other children, have been attempting to replicate it. None of them have met with success. Miss Murchison has been accused ofContinue reading “Murchison fails in sphere attempt, possible sombrero toggle outcome”

Mexican Servo opens in Baja Roca Blanca

By Allan Povah. A new Pemex service station located on the Bruce Highway at Baja Roca Blanca (formerly White Rock) has opened its bowsers. The outlet is owned and supplied by Mexican conglomerate PetrĂ³leos Mexicanos, and features a full service experience provided by a Mexican gasoline deployment technicians (above). It is expected that the sizeableContinue reading “Mexican Servo opens in Baja Roca Blanca”

Mitchell rolls perfect alfoil sphere; might make toggle

By Murray Murchison Parramatta Park boy, Mitchell Murchison, has rolled a perfect sphere made of alfoil (pictured above). The piece of alfoil originally contained some dried apricots that had been packed in Mitchell’s lunchbox. Upon finishing his lunch, Mitchell then sculpted the alfoil into a perfect sphere (above). “I just scrunched it up,” said Mitchell.Continue reading “Mitchell rolls perfect alfoil sphere; might make toggle”

June 2017 Classifieds

Looking For Love Semi-dedicated jihadist looking for sympathetic but modest woman for pre-virgin practice, short-term opportunity pre-boom. Hijabi preferred or Swedish. @moBoom  To the skate-babe wearing rags who boarded past the Dumpling Studio on Sheridan on Sunday evening. You’re cool and super-hot. Meet me at the TB skate park any arvo. I’ll show you myContinue reading “June 2017 Classifieds”

Mexican millinery for the munchkins

By Heather Luck The second week of school has begun in Cairns, and the sombrero amnesty period is over, with the head-wear compulsorily required from today for primary school students. Denzel Matterson (above), year-two student at Mother of Good Counsel, loves his new look. “I think I look really cool,” said Denzel. “It is aContinue reading “Mexican millinery for the munchkins”