Sausage King closes its doors

By Murray Murchison. In a blow to non-vegetarians and animal-haters of the Northern Beaches, award winning emporium of the sausage arts, Trinity Beach Quality Meats, has closed its coldroom, sheathed its cleavers and relocated to Smithfield this week. When approached by the Plain Dealer, Alvin Sarczek, President of the Trinity Beach Chamber of Commerce wasContinue reading “Sausage King closes its doors”

Suspected Banksy artwork subject to Pest Control in Trinity Beach

By Murray Murchison Trinity Beach locals are in a buzz over the possibility that graffiti artist and activist, Banksy, has created one of his trademark artworks (above) on the Red Cross sign located near the skate-park on Trinity Beach Road. The striking white inscription was first noticed and reported by council worker, Shane Hestermann, whoContinue reading “Suspected Banksy artwork subject to Pest Control in Trinity Beach”