Elton visits the Big Peanut

By Kimberley Schloss There was great excitement on the Tablelands this week, as Elton John made good on his earlier promise to visit the region’s tourist hotspots. Following the fourth encore at his sellout concert last Saturday night at Cazaly’s Stadium, Elton was taken for a private viewing of the Danbulla Cathedral Fig Tree, andContinue reading “Elton visits the Big Peanut”

Successful launch from Tolga, next stop: Mercury

By Allan Povah As the Tolga spaceport nears completion, an ambitious program of testing has commenced, starting with the launch last night of the aptly named Tropic Thorpie 1 rocket. The 300 metre long triple-tempered carbon-fibre rocket, which was 3D printed by Kwik Copy on Lake Street in Cairns, was trucked up the Gillies HighwayContinue reading “Successful launch from Tolga, next stop: Mercury”

PM recalls ambassador to North Korea

By Murray Murchison Prime Minister Val Shier has made her strongest condemnation yet against the increasingly disturbing nuclear threat posed by North Korea. The tinpot, madcap, creepy little nation has long been a very good friend of North Queensland, but their recent technical advances in missile capability have cooled relations markedly. The North Korean KN-14Continue reading “PM recalls ambassador to North Korea”

Elton to visit Peter the Peanut

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Whilst all far north Queenslanders are abuzz with the news that Elton John will be visiting the area for a series of concerts later this year, two Walkamin residents have a special reason to be excited. This is despite the fact that Elton’s voice has gone to shit. Ian and Karen Delaney,Continue reading “Elton to visit Peter the Peanut”

Tolga Spaceport ready for launch

By Murray Murchison With indigenous elders, the peanut lobby and environmentalist groups on side, the long proposed Tolga Spaceport looks like it might finally go ahead. If it finally get the rubber stamp from federal regulators, the port, depicted in an artist’s impression above, will be constructed on 65 hectares to the east of theContinue reading “Tolga Spaceport ready for launch”