Drone-buster comes to BCF

By Paolo Zupp. The long awaited Drone-Buster 3000, manufactured by Sanction Technologies in Manunda, is now available at BCF stores in the region, from a starting price of $3,100 + GST. The DB3000 is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intercept Unit (UAVIU) that is available in air-to-air, and ground-to-air models. The more advanced Seek-And-Destroy model, whichContinue reading “Drone-buster comes to BCF”

February 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Rachel Riley lookalike wanted for outings, and sexual intercourse, maybe more. Must be good at mental arithmetic and innuendo. No Lilys. @RR_coundown_Fan Wanted Patsies for Yellow Bamboo scam. Must be athletic and good screamers. Compensation is negotiable depending on ability. @yellowbamboo Miyagi look-alike for YouTube parody. No porn, promise. No yellow bambooContinue reading “February 2018 Classifieds”

Mexican dick-swinger to appear in Twister-B Invitational

By Kimberley Schloss Management at Gilligans Spa and Resort has announced a celebrity guest contestant for it’s Twister-B tournament later this month. Mexican man, Roberto Esquivel, will be competing in the prestigious Rotary Twister-B Invitational, and will join a cavalcade of stars. Esquivel, 54, of Saltillo, Coahuila in Mexico, holds the world record for longestContinue reading “Mexican dick-swinger to appear in Twister-B Invitational”

Cairns puts on World Championship Sausage Sizzle

By Kimberley Schloss At the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships at Smithfield this weekend, North Queensland has put in a gold medal performance in the Sausage Sizzle division (above), providing sausage (and onion) in bread, supplied by Sausage King at Trinity Beach, for a record-breaking A$2.50 (US$2.20). This betters the previous mark set in 2016Continue reading “Cairns puts on World Championship Sausage Sizzle”

Innisfail? Innis-fun – Innis-free!

By Heather Luck The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has announced the theme of its 2017 Spring Festival. The campaign will be named “Innisfail? Innis-fun, Innis-free!” and will focus on the myriad entertainment options available in the Innisfail area. Divison 5 Councillor, Jeff Baines, was contacted by the Plain Dealer to find out more information aboutContinue reading “Innisfail? Innis-fun – Innis-free!”

Shier: Widodo looks like a goat

By Allan Povah, on assignment in Jakarta Indonesian President Joko Widodo appeared today at a pencak silat martial arts tournament in east Jakarta. In front of a roaring crowd that at times made the president’s accented English difficult to hear, Widodo made some bold proclamations. “Many people have called me acrobatic, but do I haveContinue reading “Shier: Widodo looks like a goat”

Let’s twist again, like we did last summer!

By Kimberley Schloss Gilligans Resort and Spa have announced that resident Twister-in-the-Buff athletes, Ginger Grant, MaryAnne Summers and Wentworth ‘Lovey’ Howell (left to right above) will be participating in some exhibition matches at the venue over the next fortnight. Earlier in the year, the three Americans won the extremely technical triples division in the Rotary Gilligan’s Invitational,Continue reading “Let’s twist again, like we did last summer!”