BTS Rock the Snake Pit

By Shirley Higgins-Croft. Hello Everyone! BTS are in town this is the story about my amazing evening on the night they played the Snake Pit. Readers will recognize that reviewing a pop concert is well outside my usual journalistic scope, which normally encompasses fashion, crime and the international zeitgeist. I hope you’ll forgive a moreContinue reading “BTS Rock the Snake Pit”

Gordonvale Gurus are Kabaddi Champions again

By Destiny Givens The Gordonvale Gurus Kabaddi and Chapati Club have been crowned North Queensland senior men’s kabaddi champions for the seventeenth year running. The yellow-and-reds (above) were too strong for their bitter rivals, the Bentley Park Beards, eventually running our 187-2 winners in front of over fifty thousand fans. Captain of the Beards, JawalContinue reading “Gordonvale Gurus are Kabaddi Champions again”