Unexpected Situations at the Vatican

By Kimberley Schloss The compelling UltraTune ‘Unexpected Situations‘ series is continuing, this time starring Mel Gibson (pictured above with Monsignor Dell’Acqua) and with Aaron Sorkin at the helm. Despite being initially named as director, Bruce Beresford, who has won four daytime Emmy awards for his work on the series, has handed the tiller to Sorkin,Continue reading “Unexpected Situations at the Vatican”

Sheen closes Marinah

By Kimberley Schloss The Cairns Harbour was closed over the past weekend to allow filming of the final scenes in the latest episode of the hugely successful UltraTune ‘Unexpected Situations’ series. Director Bruce Bereford has continually added variety and interest to an advertising campaign that could have easily be dismissed as stale and overly obsessedContinue reading “Sheen closes Marinah”

Belgian Bomber tunes up on the Espy

By Paolo Zupp The Cairns Esplanade was closed last night to allow filming of the the hugely successful UltraTune ‘Unexpected Situations‘ series. Extra security was required because movie superstar, Jean Claude Van Damme, pictured above outside Villa Romana on the Esplanade, was appearing in the latest installment. “Jean Claude really brings something to the series,”Continue reading “Belgian Bomber tunes up on the Espy”