Dr Pan questions Essence of Argan

By Kimberley Schloss. Leading dermatologist, Dr Ivy Pan, (above) has raised concerns about the recent positive publicity surrounding the skin product Essence of Argan. The popular product has recently been named on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural assets. Dr Pan is doubtful over the claims made by brand ambassador Kylie Gillies that the useContinue reading “Dr Pan questions Essence of Argan”

Essence of Argan added to UNESCO heritage list

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Essence of Argan beauty treatment has today been added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The UNESCO list aims to preserve cultural expressions and customs that may be less than tangible or even somewhat ridiculous. Other traditions added today include the annual Jalisco pilgrimage in Mexico, the reggae musicContinue reading “Essence of Argan added to UNESCO heritage list”