Elton visits the Big Peanut

By Kimberley Schloss There was great excitement on the Tablelands this week, as Elton John made good on his earlier promise to visit the region’s tourist hotspots. Following the fourth encore at his sellout concert last Saturday night at Cazaly’s Stadium, Elton was taken for a private viewing of the Danbulla Cathedral Fig Tree, andContinue reading “Elton visits the Big Peanut”

Our Japanese heritage in the smallest room

Part of the Reflections Series, by Murray Murchison There is a strong tradition of Japanese culture on Cairns area and tablelands, stretching back to the hardy pearl divers of the 1830s, who travelled from the land of the rising sun to seek their fortune beneath our tropical waters. Later, cane-cutters, honeymooners, blithers and sushi-chefs came toContinue reading “Our Japanese heritage in the smallest room”

Schilling calls for secession

By Allan Povah Cairns Regional Council Divison 2 representative John ‘Two-Bob’ Schilling has called for Far North Queensland to secede from North Queensland. “It is increasing difficult to reconcile our cultural differences with those jokers in The Ville,” declared Schilling yesterday at a peanut-industry conference in Walkamin. “We’re all about the ‘fair go’ and theContinue reading “Schilling calls for secession”

Elton to visit Peter the Peanut

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Whilst all far north Queenslanders are abuzz with the news that Elton John will be visiting the area for a series of concerts later this year, two Walkamin residents have a special reason to be excited. This is despite the fact that Elton’s voice has gone to shit. Ian and Karen Delaney,Continue reading “Elton to visit Peter the Peanut”