Keith rocks the Railway

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Logan city superstar, Keith Urban, rocked the Railway Hotel last night on his Don’t Look So Surprised world tour in front of a crowd of eighty-one fans. The evening began with two support acts that were received warmly by the crowd. Kuranda artist, Dayne Guzman Caine, performed cuts from his Grammy nominated album CrocdilesContinue reading “Keith rocks the Railway”

PM recalls ambassador to North Korea

By Murray Murchison Prime Minister Val Shier has made her strongest condemnation yet against the increasingly disturbing nuclear threat posed by North Korea. The tinpot, madcap, creepy little nation has long been a very good friend of North Queensland, but their recent technical advances in missile capability have cooled relations markedly. The North Korean KN-14Continue reading “PM recalls ambassador to North Korea”

WBU academics claim to have a cure for GAS

By Paolo Zupp William Bligh University academics have announced that they have developed a treatment for the insidious syndrome that has dogged musicians since the dawn of rock ‘n roll. GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (more recently generalised to Gear Acquisition Syndrome and also known as Perceived Guitar Personality Disorder) is the debilitating condition inContinue reading “WBU academics claim to have a cure for GAS”

Psychics thwart expo-crashing skeptics

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Rather than a clash of the big forwards, it was a clash between the skeptical and the spiritual at Brother’s Leagues Club in Manunda on Saturday morning. The club is the venue for the biennial Psychic Expo, which attracts mystics from around the globe and is always a hotly anticipated event inContinue reading “Psychics thwart expo-crashing skeptics”

WBU to connect crocodiles to the internet

By Paolo Zupp Academics at the William Bligh University Cow Bay campus have announced the first Internet of Things (IoT) degree course which will be offered from July this year. The IoT technology is a burgeoning area of Computer Science and IT and promises to connect everyday objects, such as cars and coffee mugs, toContinue reading “WBU to connect crocodiles to the internet”

Cairns Airport closes due cassowary sightings

By Paolo Zupp There has been a recent spate of cassowary sightings in the Cairns and Tablelands areas over the last fortnight. On Far North Queensland day, Police responded to a report from North Cairns resident Polly Maynard, 45, that she had seen a white swan and a cassowary fornicating outside the Tobruk Pool. “I’dContinue reading “Cairns Airport closes due cassowary sightings”

Trinity Beach closed: Red smells a ‘croco-droid’

By Allan Povah Trinity Beach identity and self-described croc-wrangler Red Robbins (below) has made some explosive allegations about the sighting of a two-metre crocodile today at Trinity Beach. The animal was seen swimming between the stinger nets and the southern end of the beach, a spot popular for paddling and rock-skimming. As Chief Crocodile ConsultantContinue reading “Trinity Beach closed: Red smells a ‘croco-droid’”

‘Croco-droid’ attacks student

By Allan Povah A student at James Cook University was today attacked by a robot crocodile named Christopher while he was installing a software update into the animal’s artificial brain. The unnamed student was air-lifted to Cairns Base Hospital where he is in a serious but stable condition. The ‘croco-droid’ project has been criticised byContinue reading “‘Croco-droid’ attacks student”