Surf’s up and the mushrooms are out

By Shirley Higgins-Croft. Former tropical cyclone Imogen, having crossed to coast on the west side of the York Peninsula, has whipped up the surf on Trinity Beach (above) and delivered a good drop of rain. As a result, lawn are lengthening, leather is mouldy and every surface is kissed by a sheen of moisture. TheseContinue reading “Surf’s up and the mushrooms are out”

Good times – the best of the wet!

By Heather Luck Plain Dealer IT specialist, Edson Yeung, got a little surprise when he sat down in his car to drive to the office today. Edson found that the steering wheel of his 1998 Honda Civic was coated with a layer of tropical mould (above). The car is reportedly otherwise in very good condition.Continue reading “Good times – the best of the wet!”