Yellow Bamboo studio opens at Smithfield

By Heather Luck A new dojo is opening at Smithfield, specialising in the arcane Huáng Zhú fighting style. The ancient disciple of Huáng Zhú (trans: yellow bamboo) is unlike other contact martial art, as it depends upon the power of the mind to disable opponents and achieve victory. The core principle is the use ofContinue reading “Yellow Bamboo studio opens at Smithfield”

February 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Rachel Riley lookalike wanted for outings, and sexual intercourse, maybe more. Must be good at mental arithmetic and innuendo. No Lilys. @RR_coundown_Fan Wanted Patsies for Yellow Bamboo scam. Must be athletic and good screamers. Compensation is negotiable depending on ability. @yellowbamboo Miyagi look-alike for YouTube parody. No porn, promise. No yellow bambooContinue reading “February 2018 Classifieds”