BLT Travel announces adventure tours to the world

By Destiny Givens.

BLT Travel at North Cairns have always excelled at providing affordable and enjoyable travel experiences to their many loyal customers. This tradition will never change, but the types of experiences that travellers are seeking is undergoing a seismic shift.

The ready accessibility of travel to virtually anywhere in the world has led to an explosion of interest in a more edgy holiday experience, such as to the drone-fields of Yemen, and the prisons of Sao Paulo.

BLT is addressing this demand by announcing a catalog of new Trouble-spot Tours that are fully unescorted, uncovered by insurance or consular assistance and assuredly will provide memories for a lifetime.

The initial offering is an eight week-tour of China, Myanmar and North Korea, which includes a three-night stay in the Provincial No. 2 Prison during which you will be entertained by Shannon Noll (subject to guitar availability), engage in jolly prison politics and make pesticides. You’ll go canyoning down the three-rivers gorge, steal posters from your one-star accommodation in Pyongyang and participate in protests in Yangon and touch-footy in the DMZ.

If you are interested in this type of getaway, contact BLT straight away. Bon Voyage!

BLT is a sponsor of the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer. Travel Responsibly.

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